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[04 May 2005|02:35am]
I can't sleep and I gotta get up early.
My English exam is in under 7 and a half hours away.

Help me sleep. Anyone?!

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[30 Dec 2004|03:50am]
[ mood | cheerful ]


Yesterday meaning Wednesday was amazin haha the howl!!=D had sooo much fun! aye.
Heather came over to mine about half 5ish and we waited on MIKE comin downnn haha. He came down and we waited on the rest of them. ie Claire, Beth, Deek and Pam. They got here and we had amini riot in my room. As usual i got bullied=)) haha. Finally my dad left to go somewere and we all went downstairs to watch el dvd. We were undecided on what to watch so Donnie Darko was put on!!<3 yass! haha. My seat got stole!!=O in my own house to !=)) but i stole Deeks when he went outside to smokeeeee haha. *sorry* =P i got bullied even more ! Heather decided to drag me along my floor which is laminate flooring bearing in mind and i had 2 studded belts on. guess what happened!!=S my floor got all scratched. Gutted for le maw! =)) haha. Im a bully for proddin Deek on thee head. He is a bully i tell youuu!! aye that one. Film finished and Beth and Pam got a lift home. Me Heather MIKE and Deek walked to Rutherglen and we waited with Deek to get his bus. He got on the bus and me and Heather walked home. We seen Claire who had to walk to Jasons to get her keys. Got home and got moaned at cos i was soaking. *OMG its only rain!!!* blah. haha.

Not done much since then. Just sat talkin to people on MSN =p

Well im off cos i have nothing more exciting to tell yous about =))

byeeee xxx<333

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-=Aye=- [23 Dec 2004|01:06am]
[ mood | Thoughtful and blah ]


Not updated in a while due to the fact i cannot be arsed.

Not much has been happening in my life. Tis shite.
Blah. I feel blah. Just thinkin bout things which make me fell down. I dont like it. Yea...that.

It doesnt feel like Christmas. Last year was so much more fun. But oh well. You gotta live on eh ?

Tonight i was at the Key with Claire =) Seen Dean, Deek, Rushy, Hazel, Amanda and others =)
Rushy stole my scarf and was bullying me. He put my scarf up on the lights !=O but Deek got it back for mee =D *thank yoo*  

arghh! i donno. I cannot be arsed finishin my update. I shall do it later when i cant be bothered.

bye bye xxx<3

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-=Boredom=- [02 Nov 2004|11:25pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]


Not updated in ages as i could not be bothered =P aye that...

I dont know were to start..

Not much been happening really, just been out and about with el friends=) been to the cathouse and things. On saturday went to the cathouse and after it went to Jasons and i had a bit to much to drink =S *Sorry Jason for the messyness*

Was at the cathouse on Sunday to for a halloween thingy... was fun. Went with Claire, Beth and Emma. Seen Rushy, Deek and other in the Queue. Rushy stole my bandana lol. Got it back though.

Im rabbling as you can tell. Cant think at the moment. Things are fucked in my head the now. Things that i dont want to fuck up do. Why cant they just be sorted and everything is fine and people can get on together ? The world isnt for liking me at the moment. I want to go back to a year ago or sumething when things were fine. It doesnt seen to work out for me. ohh well. Thats me fucked then isnt it ? Anyways enought of my rambling. Monst people will read this as go WTF? anno...im sorry. 

Last night went to the key with Cath. Was okee. Not very many people where there. Was kinna quiet. Sat and talked to Emma, Deek, Hazel and all. Cath went away a walk with Danny and didnt see her the till nearly the end of thie night lol. Walked down to the bustop after the key and we got apples threw in our direction=P *Laughs* Got to the bustop and stood with people. Seen rushy and got my bandana back. Got the bus and we decided to get off at Cathkin High and realised i would have to get 2 busses home from there so Cath kindly gave me money for a taxi *thank youuuu* and got home. Got moaned at for being late but meh.

Today was at school. The boredom. Not very exciting at all. Replied to Jasons note in history. Nearly got caught by Blinky Bill. Well i think i nearly did anyways. I got loads of homework for tomorrow but i cant be bothered doing it so it can wait till tomorrow to get done. 

Tonight i was meant to get all the stuff deleted for this computer but couldnt be bothered to. Im gonna get moaned at again for that. *ive had the new computer for three weeks now=$* so yea.. lol.

Tomorrow as usual i have school and then after it im staying in again to hopefully get the new computer up. May also go to UC if it is open for the hell of it.... im considering it ...

Not got much else to say so im off to my bed now.

Sersh xox

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[22 Sep 2004|08:05pm]

My Journal is being made friends only so comment to be added=)

Sersh xxx

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